Close Notepad Saving it


I’m trying to edit a Notepad file, and when I close it, clicking on CloseButton, the notepad close without asking if I want to save it. What am I doing wrong?

Cartes can deal with components in 3 ways.

  • Directly in the component’s memory.
  • Sending keystrokes
  • Using the clipboard to send values.

With the notepad you would use the value method. Value means that you leave Cartes the
chooice of how to interact with the component. Cartes with notepad choose
directly in memory, without keys. Programmers in some applications,
program functionalities to Windows events such as pressing a key. In
this case when writing in memory in the Notepad the key event is not triggered, and
Notepad cannot know that the document is not empty. Change “value” for
"typeword" or “typefromclipboard” and you’ll see how the event is triggered.

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